5 Steps:

Your Guide to Financial Health

 This short book will show you how to break down financial planning into five easy steps.

About The Book

Many people do not put the proper time and energy into building a well-balanced financial plan. When planting a garden one must nurture the plants to yield a bountiful harvest. The same is true for your nest egg. Starting a trip without a map can be a disaster, you won’t get where you want to without a plan. Your finances are no different; where are you going, and how will you get there? This short book will show you how to break down financial planning into five easy steps.

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7 Major Advance Warnings

To Save or To Invest?


In this chapter we will talk about some specific principles in saving and investing. Before we do however, we must define these two terms. Many use them interchangeably, but they are not the same. Savings is for a short-term goal such as an emergency fund or a vacation. i.e. “I am saving for my vacation in July, or I am saving to buy someone a special present.” Investing is indicative of a long-term goal such as a child’s education fund or retirement. When you invest, your time horizon is generally different than when you save. Since your goals are different, you need to place the funds in different vehicles in order to achieve or reach your goal. I will often use the term vehicle to describe a particular investment or savings instrument. For example, if you and I were at the mall and we chose to leave and go to another store, we would get in our vehicles to arrive at our new destination. If I chose to drive a motorcycle and you drove a school bus, we would arrive at our destinations at different times. I would get there faster than you and I would probably take a lot more risk in doing so, thus we used different vehicles to achieve a similar goal. With that being said, you do not place your savings in the same type of vehicles that you would use for investing. Since the required end result is different, the means to the end should be different as well.

An example of a savings vehicle would be a certificate of deposit, or a money market account. It is liquid and has no market risk. It does have inflation risk, but that is acceptable since we realize there is no “perfect” vehicle for every goal. An example of an investment vehicle may be a mutual fund or common stock. The time horizon is longer than our savings goal, so we can afford to take some market risk in the hopes of receiving a much higher appreciated account value when we need the funds. You save for a rainy day, but you invest for the future. Please be sure to match the best vehicle to your goal. Many do not, and they become disappointed when they lose their savings in the market, since this bucket of money was ear-marked for a goal that could not sustain market risk, thus it was inappropriately assigned. Notice I said the assignment was inappropriate, not the investment. You cannot blame the vehicle for “losing money.” That’s what it is capable of. If you utilize the wrong tool for the job, you cannot blame the tool for the outcome.



 This short book will show you how to break down financial planning into five easy steps.

About the author.

A Self-starting motivated individual who believes the Bible is the inspired Word of God. Don is President of a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) firm called GFS Financial Advisors, LLC. and a faith-based advisory company called: Kingdom Financial Ministries, an (RIA) firm located in The Poconos Mountains in PA.

Don is a home-schooling dad who blends his passion for others with his professional skills to help clients define and meet their financial goals using biblical principles.

Looking to help change the world through media this accomplished author, is also a musician and a Producer of Christian films. Added to his list of credits is an epic Pro-LIfe documentary called The Voice of John, starring Perry Stone, Dr. Alveda King, and Father Frank Pavone. He also produced a music CD called, More of Him, by the Christian recoding artists Less of Us!

Donald A. Galade